Permanent: Permanent monitoring involves an electronic collection process which involves software and/or hardware.   With this software and permanent and/or continuous monitoring you are able to recognize conditions that aren't ideal.  Reports and graphs are created to show you a long term trend.  With the reports and/or graphs you are able to show just what each and every machine has done and/or will do.  

What kind of different permanent and/or continuous monitoring systems are available?

  1. Continuous:  Monitors signals from transducers continuously.  Used extensively for critical equipment for equipment protection and monitoring. 

  2.  Polling:  Samples signals from transducers on a pre-arranged schedule.  These systems will typically be used for monitoring less critical equipment in the facility.

  3. Switches or Transmitters: Sends a signal to the control system.  Typically set up for an overall monitoring of vibration or temperature.  

  4. Permanent transducers:  with remote connections for monitoring/diagnostics.  Junction boxes for route monitoring may be in a dangerous or hazardous location.

Periodic:  Periodic monitoring generally depends on the machine and its history.  Some machines only need to be checked every 3 to 6 months, once a month, or could be 15 days or less.  When you have a dramatic change you will move to continuous monitoring (recording) until a decision is made on how to solve the problem.