Vibration analysis is a technology used to pinpoint defects and/or forcing frequencies in rotating equipment.

Vibration Analysis is the most useful for machines that have rotating components.  It can detect up to fifty mechanical and electrical problems.

Common Forcing Frequencies: Unbalance, misalignment, bearing defects, looseness, gearing problems, motor electrical defects, etc. 

The setting up of a Predictive Maintenance Program is not an easy task.  There is a lot to consider, on what kind of program you will be using to what kind of analysis you will be preparing.   Each and every piece of equipment is different and needs different attention.
Predictive Maintenance is an important part of each piece of equipment.  With all the information gathered it will allow you to determine if the equipment in question is in need of repair or is able to keep running.  When implementing a predictive program you will need to answer the question should I test periodic or continuous.  In some instances you will perform both.